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Compliant supply and management of Medical Cannabis.

UK Cannabis Clinic is a service for the supply and management of medical cannabis products. It comprises a group of medical pharmaceutical and legal professionals to help with the supply, education and information relating to the supply of medical cannabis products.
We provide help, support and advice.

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When joining the UK Cannabis Clinic Network, you will have access to tried and tested protocols. We maintain a careful eye on the safety and efficacy of your care

In order to make appropriate clinical decisions, health professionals should complete appropriate training on potential pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic interactions. All our members are trained in the use of cannabis based products

While none of our CBD products make any medical claims, health professionals must complete relevant training on the medical conditions patients will present with, looking to purchase CBD for.

While cannabis based products and CBD are safe to use, it can potentially affect other medications patients may be taking.

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Supply compliant cannabis derived products within your pharmacy or clinic.

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The information here is current as of 2018, the law changes periodically with regard to CBD products and any healthcare professional should make sure they are aware of any new guidance.

All CBD Products provided by CBD Wellness are selected for retail sale by healthcare professionals for the following reasons:

They are manufactured to standards imposed and regulated by the MHRA (Good Manufacturing Practice / GMP) or equivalent standards.
The supply chain providing them to you conforms to Good Distribution Practice (GDP) – with full recall ability. They have full batch traceability providing live data on the contents of the oils, specifically that they contain no/trace THC.

Compliant by Design

All products in our portfolio are compliant by design
No CBD product we provide is sent without laboratory testing showing that it contains 0% THC lower than the allowable limit for retail sale in the UK.

Demonstrate Compliance

Canidol Pharmaceutics is a company is founded and run by doctors and pharmacists. Compliance is built into our baseline day to day activities.

As a healthcare professional, you are held to Higher Standards than general retailers.

Although CBD products are allowable for sale in any retail premises. Doctors, nurses and pharmacists are separately regulated by their own professional standards bodies.

Healthcare professionals must satisfy their professional duty of care to patients , we pride ourselves on integrating with all regulatory bodies to make this a simple and compliant process for our customers.

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